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I traded a yoyo diet for The Perfect Diet, and I could not be happier. I'm a professional musician. My life is spent on the road, living in a motor coach. My usual dietary pattern was similar to that of many of my musician friends. We all dieted to try to look our best for our shows and then crashed and burned. My weight was constantly fluctuating. I wasn't fat, but I'd gain eight to ten pounds between tours. Dr. Plunk changed all of that. Many of the performers in Nashville had been to his office, and my manager heard about him and made me an appointment. I love the diet. It's easy and my weight stays very steady. Let me tell you, it will set you free! I've never felt better, and I love it! Good luck to you on this wonderful diet!—Lacy J

The Perfect Diet saved me from gastric bypass surgery! For at least fifteen years of my adult life I was "morbidly obese" and weighed nearly 400 pounds. I've lost 150 pounds over the past two years and now weigh 220 pounds, which is fairly slim for a former football player and a man who is six feet, five-and-a-half inches tall.—James Y

I cured my pre-diabetes with The Perfect Diet. I used to give Dr. Plunk credit for curing my case of "metabolic syndrome" or pre-diabetes, but he insists I should take credit since I did all the work. I take pride in my efforts and results–results I never thought I could experience.—Jesse W

I used to hide junk food around the house–not because someone might eat it, but because if my wife found it, she'd throw it away. Dr. Plunk learned my appetite was the result of recurrent hypoglycemia, caused by sweets and starches. I have lost more than forty-five pounds on The Perfect Diet. I gave up the junk food. I'm perfectly happy, and I plan to stay this way. Interestingly, my wife, who was never overweight, follows it too and says she feels better and has more energy. I feel like a celebrity with my new slim image.—Gregory T

My cholesterol was out of control before I started The Perfect Diet. Now I'm off most of my medications, and my cholesterol is normal.—Jake W

I had always been partial to the worst foods available in terms of nutrition: potato chips, candy bars, soft drinks, and pastries. I wasn't interest in a diet that included foods that didn't taste good. I've had great results with The Perfect Diet. I can honestly say I don't miss the unhealthy snacks. I still eat snacks–they're just healthier now.—Larry B

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