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How this works

Premium features of The Perfect Life Diet Web site uses sophisticated computer algorithms to customize an individual's diet plan based on nutritional needs, preferences and goals.

Our Process is simple and straightforward:

  • Log on and fill out a simple one page health history questionnaire and a one page diet survey of past eating habits.
  • Obtain a battery of lab tests, either from your personal physician or by visiting Private MD Labs.
  • Based on the above input, your customized menu plan with detailed recipes is created and followed for a specified period to reach your ideal body weight. Time on weight loss stages of The Perfect Diet will vary as required to achieve your target goal.
  • If you are already at your ideal body weight, a health enhancing but weight loss neutral diet designed to your specifications is presented for your enjoyment.

Anyone can use this diet without spending a large amount of time learning nutrition, meticulously preparing meals, or following bizarre eating rules. Get the guidance you need to lose weight, and start living healthy with The Perfect Life Diet Online. Buy Now!

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