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What is the difference between The Perfect Diet and The Perfect Life Diet?

The book and Web site complement one another. The Perfect Life Diet Web site promotes the principles and strategies of The Perfect Diet, a book by Otis A. Plunk, MD, which is a blueprint for achieving targeted weight goals, boosting your health and adding years to your life while enjoying a variety of delicious foods and avoiding pitfalls that allow rebound weight gain.

Premium features of this Web site go much further by using sophisticated computer algorithms to custom-design an individual's diet plan based on his nutritional needs, personal preferences and specific weight loss goals.

What makes The Perfect Diet better than other diet books?

First–it is more than a weight loss book, it is a guide to optimal health. The diet plan has a proven record in safety, effectiveness and success in preventing rebound weight gain.

How fast will I lose weight on The Perfect Diet?

The target goal for ongoing weight loss is 2 pounds per week although somewhat greater amounts of weight are often lost during the more stringent first 14 days of the diet.

Is there a history of this diet's success?

Absolutely, The Perfect Diet is based on proven scientific principles and honed by practical application in clinical practice for over 20 years. Click Here to read testimonials.

Why are lab tests required?

First–for safety and secondly for enhancement of the diet's efficacy. When followed as directed, The Perfect Life Diet Online is an effective and powerful weight loss strategy that deserves serious effort for maximum results. A comprehensive lab panel allows creation of customized menu plans as well as individual supplement regimens that are recommended in certain circumstances.

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